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hugs's Journal

Hug Me
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I own a house north of Atlanta in the foothills of the appalation mountains.

my trade is a computer security professional for one of the big cable companies (NOT comcast, the good cable company)

I take TONS of pictures, around 1000 a month using a canon digital rebel. I have a hacked printer which has holes drilled in the cartridges glued to tubes which lead to bottles of ink. That way I can buy ink by the quart, it comes to around 1/20th of the price that way

I take martial arts (2 forms) 3 days a week, both teaching kids classes and taking them myself. It's a lot of fun, the kids are great!

I am taking flight lessons at McCollum field in Kennesaw, perhaps soon I will have a pilots license.

I am not really a mad scientist I just play one on TV...ok, maybe I am a mad scientist...